The Italian Almanac


Italian News - October 20

One third of the world's pasta is produced in Italy, where it is exclusively made from durum wheat, the union of Italian pastamakers UNIPI said in its latest report. Thanks to the use of durum wheat and the skill of Italian pastamaker, Italian pasta is universally recognized as the best in the world.

"The tradition of Italian pastamakers has added value to the prime material, durum wheat, because they know how difficult it is to obtain quality from a single ingredient," the association explained. "It is for this reason that the Italian recipe and know-how for pasta, the special blend of wheats, should be promoted".

The success of Italian pasta, the association observed, has been thanks to "the constant research to find the best grains of durum wheat and develop quality blends which can allow for the production of different types of pasta and pasta products". Part of pasta's success, UNIPI recognized, is its low price with half a kilo of pasta costing as much as a cup of coffee.

The UNIPI report complied ahead of World Pasta Day, which is celebrated annual on October 25.