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Italian News - October 19

Half an hour’s drive up the mountain from Morbegno, in Valtellina, at 1,032 metres above sea level, there is a six square-kilometre municipality with 33 residents. On 7 September, a star shone over Pedesinaas for the first time in 29 years, a child was born.

Her name is Denise. Pulling out the registry of births, Fr Romano Pologna, the parish priest for the four municipalities in Valgerola with a flock of about 1,000 parishioners, shows that the last child born to Pedesina parents and baptised here was Omar in 1977, the year Italy was buzzing with excitement at the introduction of colour television.

Denise has boosted the local population by 3% from 32 to 33, casting some doubt on the title of Italy’s smallest municipality, a toss-up between Pedesina and Morterone, in the province of Lecco. Apart from Denise, Pedesina’s youngest resident is the 14-year-old son of the current deputy mayor, Signora Alice.

The local council, however, is far from moribund, quite the reverse: it is as tough and proud as its residents. The mayor’s name is Teodoro Tarabini and he is “a person retired from work”. Like Mr Tarabini, almost all the other male councillors are pensioners while most of the women are housewives. In all, there are nine councillors and three assessors, who get along famously and have approved flower boxes and a parking area.