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painted train

Italian News / Art - October 2

A special train is to bring some of Italy's greatest modern painters to the country's main cities next month. The 'Art Train-Museum For A Day' will visit 28 Italian cities from Turin to Palermo and back north to Milan.

The artists on show in the train's six carriages will include Giorgio de Chirico, Mario Sironi, Antonio Ligabue, Enrico Baj, Andrea Cascella, Salvatore Fiume, Giorgio Morandi, Filippo De Pisis and Renato Guttuso.

Most of the works come from private collections, which have "enthusiastically come on board for an initiative aimed at bringing the general public closer to great art," said curator Antonio Maria Pivetta. "We'll be carrying some real treats, some of which have never been seen in public before," Pivetta said, adding that the chosen artists were the "most representative of the period from the Second World War to the present day".

"Thanks to Trenitalia, we'll be stopping in the biggest cities every day from Sunday October 1 until Tuesday October 31. My aim is to get at least one person who's never been in a museum before to climb aboard each day," Pivetta concluded.