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castle Odescalchi

Italian News - November 9

A picturesque medieval castle north of Rome is widely believed to be the secret location selected by Hollywood star Tom Cruise to wed his fiancée Katie Holmes later this month. The 12th-century Castello Odescalchi, which overlooks Lake Bracciano, is a popular choice for VIP parties. It can host about 1,300 guests at a time and has its own private chapel.

The managers of the castle venue, which is owned by Princess Maria Pace Odescalchi, denied a press report that the long-awaited wedding was to take place there. But the mayor of Bracciano, Patrizia Riccioni, revealed later that Princess Odescalchi has asked for the piazza in front of her castle to be closed to traffic on November 18, the day when Cruise and Holmes are to marry.

"This coincidence seems to be a pretty strong clue," she said. "Everything points to the Cruise-Holmes wedding taking place in Bracciano, where there will be a succession of international stars". There was no immediate word from the golden couple itself.

Just where Cruise will wed his actress fiancée on November 18 has been showbiz's best-kept secret ever since the pair announced last month that they would be tying the knot somewhere in Italy.