The Italian Almanac


Italian News - November 3

Italian nuns are turning their culinary expertise into cash for charity work. The nuns at a convent school outside Genoa asked a pair of business consultants what they could do to generate some profits for domestic charities and missionaries. The two women sampled some of the fare in the school canteen and suggested the nuns set up their own catering business.

"Primarily we aim to supply other (religious) institutes but we've also been asked to do communions, weddings and other private dinners," said Sister Mafalda Canevello, one of three nuns registered as partners in the company, Catering Piu' (Catering Plus).

The company specialises in Ligurian treats like pesto dishes but also has its own line in convent-baked cakes and vegetables from the convent's organic farm. "We like to think the spiritual ingredient adds a little something to our recipes," Sister Mafalda said.