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suffering sleep disorder

Italian News - November 24

Spouses who have to plug their ears because of their better halfs' snoring are to get a break now that Italy has opened a so-called 'night hospital' for people with sleep disorders. The new unit at Turin's Molinette Hospital takes in sufferers for all-night tests and releases them the next morning, so they don't lose working days.

"We thought we'd flank our day hospital with a unit we jokingly called Night Hospital," said Sleep Disorders chief Alessandro Cicolin. "It allows us to do thorough tests without making people stay during the day". Previously, patients with clinically serious sleep disorders such as continuous snoring and sleep apnea had to spend continuous time in hospital.

About 10 percent of people suffer from sleep disorders ranging from insomnia to hypersomnia, or sleeping too much. The conditions have a great impact on quality of life and ability to work - as well as posing dangers for drivers and those who have to operate heavy machinery.