The Italian Almanac


Italian News - November 17

The thing that Italian children hate the most is to see their parents argue, according to a new study. The Report on Infancy and Adolescence was drawn up by the Eurispes research group in collaboration with the Telefono Azzurro association which runs a hotline for kids in trouble.

Based on a poll taken of 1,274 children between the ages of seven and 11, the study found that 36% of Italian hated to hear their parent argue. The second thing kids hated the most was being made fun by their peers (25%), followed by studying (12.5%), going to the doctor (9.1%) and being shouted at (5.2%).

When they grow up, the children interviewed said they wanted to become soccer players for Italy (28.7%) and entertainment celebrities (19.6%). Harry Potter was the fictional character most loved by children (19.9%), followed by Spiderman (12.3%), Cinderella (12%) and Bart Simpson (10%).

Half of Italian children (50.2%) said they were happy with their lives, with 24.8% saying they had more than they needed, while two thirds (75.9) were content with their physical aspect.