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Italian News - November 22

Unexpected cash brings out one of the many differences between men and women, with men preferring to save and women more prone to spend, according to a new study. The report was published this week in the Per Me (For Me) women's magazine, based on a poll which asked men and women what they would do if they unexpectedly found 15,000 Euro under their Christmas tree.

The results of the poll showed that while women are more interested in bettering themselves, men appeared to be more cautious, apparently depressed by the international economic situation, wars and the threat to the environment. In fact, the majority of women, 34%, replied that they would spend the cash on a holiday while the majority of men, 36%, said they would save the money for future needs or emergencies.

After holidays, the second choice of women, 21%, was to spend extra cash on their appearance and physical well being, with 11% ready to revamp their wardrobe while 10% said they would choose to spend a year of weekends at a beauty farm. After travel, appearance and well being, 16% of the women interviewed said they would splurge unexpected cash on buying a new car.

Men, on the other hand, appeared to have their feet more firmly planted on the ground, a fact demonstrated by the fact that most of the males who would choose to travel were those under 34 years of age, university students or singles who have no family responsibilities. A new car was also a temptation for 19% of Italian males, especially for those over 34, while only 5% said they would spend extra cash on clothes.

Surprisingly, men in general did not appear to be much interested in high-tech gadgets or their physical well-being. Only 3% of those polled admitted that they would blow some extra cash on a hi-tech home entertainment system and a mere 1% said they would hire a personal trainer.

Neither men nor women appeared interested in plastic surgery, with only 2% ready to spend extra cash to change a part of their body, and only 1% prone to jewelry. At the bottom of the preferences for spending unexpected fortune was seeking professional help or analysis.