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explosive device by Italian Unabomber

Italian News - May 8

The Italian Unabomber, the elusive psychopath who has terrorised the Venice area for 12 years, struck again at the weekend when a 28-year-old man picked up what he thought was a message in a bottle on the seafront, only to have it explode in his hands.

Massimiliano Bozzo, a male nurse, lost his thumb and two fingers on his left hand and was wounded in the chest and neck. He was walking with his fiancée at Porto Santa Margherita, near Venice, when he found the corked wine bottle with a sheet of rolled-up paper inside wedged in rocks where the River Livenza emerges into the Adriatic.

The cork was attached by wire to nitroglycerine explosive and a battery hidden inside the paper. Witnesses said that Signor Bozzo fell to the ground screaming in pain when he pulled out the cork and the bottle exploded. His fiancée, Giorgia Ghezzo, 24, suffered damage to her eardrums and was cut by flying glass.

Since late 1993 the unknown attacker, described by police as “someone with a grudge against humanity in general and children in particular”, has planted explosives in beach umbrellas, cigarette lighters, eggs, tubes of tomato paste and mayonnaise, and even church electric candles.

A profile drawn up by a special police task force suggests that the Italian Unabomber is a loner, aged 30 to 50, who perhaps has an engineering or military background. More than 150 suspects have been questioned, but no arrests have been made.