The Italian Almanac

Gino Strada, founder of Emergency

Italian News - May 23

Italian war doctor Gino Strada has been awarded an honorary degree by a US university for his humanitarian activities and defence of human rights. In its citation, Colorado College stressed the "great impact" of Strada and his private humanitarian organization Emergency and his "crucial work" to treat the civilian victims of war and help them back onto their feet.

Emergency has helped over two million victims of war since it was founded in 1994. Its field hospitals, emergency wards and other medical facilities have been set up in Iraq, Afghanistan, Rwanda, Algeria, Angola, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Cambodia, Sierra Leone, Sri Lanka and the Palestinian territories.

By the end of this year two new hospitals will join the 56 medical facilities active around the world: one in Khartoum, Sudan and one in Managua, Nicaragua. Emergency set up a US branch a year ago aimed at raising awareness and gathering funds. It has offices in several large cities including New York, Washington, Boston, Pittsburgh, Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

In his acceptance speech, Strada denounced the "increasing toll on the world's civilian populations of armed conflicts that are killing millions of people and depriving whole communities of a future".