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Italian News - May 6

A major anti-prostitution operation by Italian police has smashed an extensive and well-organised network of Chinese brothels in the northern city of Novara. Police raided 22 apartments early in the early hours of Friday, arresting five Chinese women who appeared to be managing the lucrative business and a man also involved on an organisational level.

The sex-workers found in the apartments were all Chinese and had been recruited in China. Police officials have reportedly begun procedures for their expatriation. The police operation, which crowned a two-year investigation, highlighted the seamier side to the large community of Chinese immigrants that now lives in Italy.

Apparently each of the 22 apartments in and around Novara produced turnover of 50,000-100,000 euros a year. The Chinese 'madames' running the apartments had initially rented the properties but had then managed to buy them with their illicit earnings.

The Chinese brothels reportedly attracted clientele from several of the surrounding provinces, thanks to decoy adverts placed in local newspapers.