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Italian News - May 16

An Italian company is releasing a revolutionary 'smog-eating' cement product capable of reducing urban pollution by over 40%. After 10 years of research, development and testing, Italcementi is putting TX Active on the market. It can be applied to road surfaces or building exteriors. This cement-based compound has a special chemical composition that enables it to absorb pollutants produced by cars, factories, household heating and city life in general.

Italcementi claims the product has massive potential for major cities struggling with smog, the cause of a range of ailments. Tests on a busy road in the town of Segrate, near Milan, for example, showed it slashed the levels of key pollutants like nitrogen dioxide and carbon monoxide by 40-65%.

Italcementi said TX Active, whose effectiveness has been verified by independent bodies like the National Research Council (CNR), will first go on sale at a price of one euro a kilo in Italy. It will then be marketed all over the world. "It is a product with enormous potential, and it has already stirred the interest of the Rome and Milan city councils," said Italcementi Director Carlo Pesenti .

"We feel it is part of a major company's mission to respond to the need to improve the quality of life of all of us. "We believe that, with this product, we can provide solutions, at least in part, to the problems highlighted every day about air quality in our cities." TX Active is made with a special compound that absorbs harmful pollutants and transforms them into non-toxic gases, which it then releases.