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poster of Venice sat channel

Italian News - March 14

The many facets of Venice are to be spotlighted in a new satellite TV channel, Venice Channel. The new channel, sponsored by Venice's town council, aims to promote the famed lagoon city as an emblem of Italian beauty and style around the world - with the United States and China being prime targets.

"We'll be transmitting on the Hotbird satellite from May with all programmes in high definition," said Venice Channel CEO Fabrizio Zago. Venice Mayor Massimo Cacciari said: "This is a great idea which aims to boost mass tourism. It can promote a new image of Venice, outside the usual cliches' of San Marco, the Rialto and gondoliers. Venice is a lot more than that".

The channel has many sections: great Italian opera from the Verona arena, a look inside sumptuous Venetian palazzi from the classical period to the avant-garde, 'Hidden Venice' and As You Eat it: cooking lessons by a Venetian noble who offers tips on enjoying the highest-class cusine with the proper dining etiquette.

There will also be a chance to discover the best of Renaissance Venice and a section entitled Italianize Me, tongue-in-cheek lessons for Italy-lovers who have trouble understanding Italians.