The Italian Almanac

tears of blood

Italian News - March 23

Police in Forli' town are investigating the case of a statue of the Virgin Mary which reportedly wept tears of blood last week. A group of elderly lady worshippers first noticed that red tear-like drops had appeared on the face of the statue in the town's Santa Lucia Church. The news of a possible miracle was reported to the local bishop who immediately removed the figure, replacing it with a similar one, and called the police.

The 1.2-metre-high statue of the Madonna looking up to heaven, her hands drawn together in prayer, has not wept since it was moved to the bishop's offices. "We heard the news from the parish priest, who was told about it by some of the faithful," said Monsignor Franco Zaghini, the clergyman who is overseeing the case. "The bishop went to the church and saw the situation was not normal and that things had to be checked." Police experts are running tests on the statue to determine the nature of the 'teardrops'.

The number of reported cases of Madonna appearances and of statues moving or weeping has grown in recent years and the Vatican has become extremely cautious about giving its seal of approval.