The Italian Almanac

Ilary Blasi

Italian News / Television - March 1

An Italian presenter apologised for her 'Janet Jackson moment' on the opening night of Italy's top TV show of the year, the Sanremo Song Fest. "Maybe I relaxed a bit too much, I don't know. The fact is, something came out that shouldn't have," said Ilary Blasi about the wardrobe slip that gave millions of viewers a glimpse of nipple.

The Italian media said the incident was one of the few surprises in a first night whose humdrum familiarity left audience share sagging below previous openings. The head of state-owned RAI TV's flagship Raiuno channel said "no major changes" were required after the disappointing start. "All we need is some fine-tuning," said Fabrizio Del Noce.

The Sanremo gig is the biggest in years for Blasi, 28, a former dancing girl who virtually retired ahead of her marriage to soccer star Francesco Totti last year.