The Italian Almanac

Ferrari Superamerica

Italian News - March 3

Ferrari sports cars are starting to make inroads in China, the glamorous Italian auto maker reported Thursday. Ferrari has expanded its sales network to meet demand from the booming Chinese market and now has 12 strategically placed showrooms. Sales of its lithe roadsters more than doubled last year, with 96 new Ferraris hitting Chinese highways.

The Italian dream cars also enjoyed a boom elsewhere, with 40% more models rolling onto Middle East roads and 35% more streaking across South America. With North America (+7.6%) and Europe (+11.5%) also clicking into higher gears, the Prancing Horse had an "extraordinary" year that pumped profits up 14% to 157 million euros, Chairman Luca di Montezemolo said.

The Italian icon delivered new status symbols into the hands of 5,409 eager buyers around the world - a rise of 8.7%. The workhorses in the stable's sales drive were the high-selling F430 and 612 Scaglietti models which retail at $200-250,000. Sales were also boosted by the limited-edition Superamerica rotating-roof GT convertible, which goes for cool $300,000.

The sexiest addition to the range last year was the stunning FXX supercar, which became the most expensive vehicle ever sold new, at a staggering $1.8 million. Only 29 examples are coming out - all 29 already bagged by preselected past Ferrari customers.