The Italian Almanac


Italian News - March 26

Italians spent some 1.5 billion euros less on entertainment last year, a 5.56 percent drop over 2004 and the absolute lowest since 2001, local media reported. According to the report that the drop for the entertainment sector is very disturbing and the situation will become a full-fledged crisis if this decline continues in 2006.

Cinema and disco were the hardest hit by the spending drop, while there was a revival for theater and live musical events. Movies remained the favorite pastime for Italians, but the report indicated an 8.6 percent decline in ticket sales over the previous years. Disco have seen business in the slide for several years and in 2005 earnings hit a five-time low due to a further 9.39 percent drop in revenue.

On a more positive note, Italians spent 2.03 percent more last year on theater productions, concerts, musicals and dance performances with theater reporting a 7.7 percent jump in earningswhile income for ballet productions leapt 12.24 percent over 2004. Earnings from literary readings grew significantly last year, up 28.33 percent and confirmed their growing popularity.