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ancient Roman coins

Italian News - March 14

Some 300 stolen Ancient Roman coins were recovered in a town north of Rome on Monday as Italy's recent crackdown on art theft continued. The owner claimed he had received the coins in a will but was cited for receiving stolen artifacts.

The haul, which dates from the IV century BC to the VI century AD, included a very rare bronze sesterce coined by Emperor Galba in 69 AD and one of the earliest papal coins. Carabinieri art police also confiscated 22 bronze artifacts including brooches, clasps, rings and port hinges from various Roman eras. During the same operation the art cops nabbed another collector who had an ancient sarcophagus in his garden as well as an altar piece and Imperial inscriptions.

Italy is cracking down on art theft with a wave of raids aimed at recovering tomb plunder. Italian authorities have also prosecuted a US curator for the first time.