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Italian News - June 1

Harley-Davidson riders and fans from all over Italy and neighboring France and Switzerland will roar into Aosta this weekend for the fourth annual Italian National Rally of the 'hog'. Thousands of real and wannabe Hells Angels and Easy Riders, all dressed up in their leather jackets and boots, will invade the Valle d'Aosta capital on Friday for three days of shows, stunt events, music and beer, all in celebration of the legendary American motorcycle.

"This is an important and significant event and I'm sure the local population will welcome participants with the spirit and hospitality which have made our region famous," said Aosta Mayor Guido Grimod. "I'm sure we'll all get caught up in the positive merriment of Harley riders, typical of such events."

Local camp grounds and hotels are already full to the satisfaction of local merchants, who are sure to applaud at Saturday afternoon's bike parade through the center of the city. Aside from the shows and festivities, the gathering will have a special section dedicated to merchandising with the sale of clothing, souvenirs and original Harley spare parts. The local post office has also prepared a commemorative rubber stamp which will be used on all mail on Saturday, June 3.

The biggest attraction of all, however, will be the 'hog' itself, with owners comparing each other's machines, swapping stories and handing out free advice. All this with a unique comradeship which unites the seasoned, bearded road rebel with the clean-cut banker and even the odd off-duty cop.