The Italian Almanac

Peter Eisenman

Italian News - June 27

Famed American architect Peter Eisenman is to add two metro stations on the slopes of Vesuvius to the string of high-profile constructions he has designed around the world. Eisenman, who designed the Holocaust Memorial unveiled in Berlin last year, will plan the refurbishment of the station at the Pompeii archeological site and the building from scratch of another nearby.

The basic outlines of the work were presented in Naples on Monday by top officials from the regional government. The second of the two stations, which are part of the 'Vesuviana' railway linking Naples to surrounding towns and villages, will serve a much visited religious shrine. The objective is to link the two stations - Villa dei Misteri and Pompeii-Santuario - through an ambitious plan which will involve shifting part of the railway line underground.

"In all my projects I try to unite the present and the future. I will try to do the same in Pompeii, which has important religious and historical dimensions," Eisenman said. The 74-year-old architect is seen as one of the foremost practitioners of a movement in architecture known as deconstructivism.

Eisenman's work, in which fragmented forms are common, often attempts to 'liberate' architectural form from all meaning, according to experts. Detailed plans for the Neapolitan project are to be presented in the autumn at Venice's Biennale architecture exhibition.