The Italian Almanac

Sean Connery

Italian News - June 29

Rome's new film festival announced it would honour Scottish screen legend Sean Connery during its inaugural edition in October. In announcing the news, Rome's cinephile mayor, Walter Veltroni, called Connery "an actor of extraordinary quality who has worked with the world's greatest directors and written some of the most unforgettable moments in movie history".

Connery, 76, will attend the opening and closing ceremonies in October and introduce a 14-film restrospective starting with Sidney Lumet's gritty 1965 army drama The Hill, often considered his best work, and ending with Finding Forrester (2000). The former Edinburgh milkman and coffin polisher - since 2000 Sir Sean Connery - will also receive the festival's first career achievement award. Last month he was similarly honoured by the American Film Institute.

A DVD in which Connery looks back on his life and career will be presented when the Rome fest debuts on October 13. To the dismay of many fans, he confirms that sex is a distant third to golf and whiskey on the list of his passions. Asked why he never wrote an autobiography, he replies: "I spent so long correcting all the mistakes in the first book about me that I got fed up with the idea".