The Italian Almanac

Giorgio Armani

Italian Fashion - June 30

It's hard to get any better than Giorgio, especially if the maestro outdoes himself as he did in his latest menswear collection. Armani's ideas for next summer more or less summed up the beach and business look that has marked this week's preview showings for spring-summer 2007. "This is the way I would like to dress, if I were taller, younger, and had more time," the 71-year-old designer said of his collection after the show.

The designer presented his collection on the last day of the five-day preview showings. Seated in the front row was his friend George Clooney, in town from his villa on nearby Lake Como. Also showing was Fendi with cropped jackets and pencil trousers and Moschino, where much of the show was about striped seersucker suits and shorts. In general, Italian designers seemed to agree that next summer should be devoted to relaxation, whether lying on the beach or hunched over an office desk. Jeanswear has been replaced by a mix of sporty and classic clothes that would be at home at the country club.

The barbershop novelty came in the return of the mustache like those favored by such stars of yesteryear as Clark Gable and Marcello Mastroianni. Mr. Clooney take note.