The Italian Almanac

Andy Warhol

Italian News - July 20

The fascinating contents of Andy Warhol's time capsules have arrived in Italy for the first time thanks to a new exhibition in Trieste. The show is entitled Timeboxes and it opens at Trieste's Modern and Contemporary Art Exhibition Centre (Centro Espositivo d'Arte Moderna e Contemporeanea) on Saturday. It features selected contents from some of the 600 time capsules the father of Pop Art created.

Like Warhol's artwork, the objects are both illuminating and enigmatic. They include a pair of shoes once worn by Marilyn Monroe, pictures of Chairman Mao, books, magazine and newspaper clippings, records and photographs of friends and strangers.

"The contents of the exhibition will enable the public to make a direct connection with the artist's brain and thoughts," said Gianni Salvaterra, the exhibition's curator. Warhol started parcelling up used material which he felt worth keeping in 1974. He continued up to his death in 1987.

One section of the exhibition seeks to recreate Warhol's Factory, the famous New York studio where he would make his silkscreens and lithographs. The Factory was also famed for its hip parties, frequented by arty types, fashion icons and celebrities. In this section, visitors will be able to listen to some of the audio tape recordings Warhol made in his lifetime.

Andy Warhol's Timeboxes runs at Trieste's Modern and Contemporary Art Exhibition Centre from July 22 to October 22.