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Italian News - July 15

Italy has built the longest sailing ship of the modern era, a sleek black steel-and- carbon-fibre clipper measuring almost 100 meters. The boat was commissioned from luxury-yacht builder Perini Navi by US computer magnate Tom Perkins, a Tall Ships buff who has restored classic beauties from the great days of sail like the 1915 American schooner Mariette.

Hewlett Packard CEO Perkins said he was "delighted" with the 88m three-mast clipper, which he has christened the Maltese Falcon. "I'm proud of what we have achieved together. We can turn round in a minute and a half despite the size of the boat," he said.

Perini CEO Giancarlo Ragnetti said: "The Falcon marks a revolution in the yachting industry". Thanks to a new system called the Dynarig, Perkins can deploy the Falcon's huge sails automatically from the deck, unfurling them electronically from its three 58m revolving masts.

The Falcon is the 38th superyacht created by the Perini company. It was built in its shipyards at Yildiz, Turkey.