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Michelle and Eros

Italian Gossip - July 27

TV star Michelle Hunziker has rekindled hopes that her fairy-tale romance with ex-hubbie, the Italian pop sensation Eros Ramazzotti, might soon be back on. "Things are harmonious with Eros again," the Swiss-German showgirl told. Hunziker told fans not to get their hopes up too high, however, saying "I don't know if we're going to share the same roof again". But she added: "Never say never".

Asked whether she wanted a new relationship, she said: "It's hard for me to find a man. I'm too demanding." Which could mean she may be prepared to hook up with Eros again, couple-watchers said. Speculation that the two, who have a nine-year-old daughter, might be getting back together has been recurrent since their split four years ago.

Late last year television images of the couple at Disneyland Paris with daughter Aurora rekindled rumours that a reconciliation might be on the cards. But the pair, two of Italy's most popular celebrities, denied they were getting back together.

The international pop star seemed to rule out a reconciliation in a song on his latest album, 'Calma Apparente'(Apparent Calm), which came out at the end of October. "Even though I still miss you a little, and I don't know whose arms I'll end up in, even though she won't be as beautiful as you are, I'm not turning back," say the Italian lyrics of Beata Solitudine (Blessed Solitude).

Ramazzotti, 42, has sold some 35 million records in a career spanning 23 years.