The Italian Almanac

Alessandro Consiglio

Italian Fashion - July 12

A tall, blonde, blue-eyed 90-year-old Italian model is one of the stars of Rome Fashion Week, which kicked off Monday. Former equestrian champion Amalia Borgnino, who is still stunning despite her age, showed off designer Alessandro Consiglio's latest haute couture creation on Tuesday.

It is an ivory white trouser-suit designed for an elderly bride. The suit's jacket has a four-meter long lace train hand-made by seamstresses who are expert in the embroidery techniques used at the start of the 20th century. Borgnino, who was born in China to Italian parents, displayed great elegance and agility in modelling such a challenging outfit.

"Like the suit, the model had to cross a century and show her unchanged youth, not in her face, but in her ability to wear a dress that encompasses fashion's relationship with the vices and virtues of the times," said Consiglio.

Although Milan is Italy's fashion capital, Rome also has a lively haute couture scene. Rome Fashion Week (Alta Roma Alta Moda) usually focuses on exciting, up-and-coming Italian designers and stylists from developing countries, while the Milanese showcase tends to concentrate on industry big guns, like Dolce & Gabbana, Armani and Versace.