The Italian Almanac

Anna Falchi

Italian News - July 29

Pouting Italian celebrity Anna Falchi's bee-kissed lips are entirely a gift from Mother Nature, a court has ruled. The court awarded damages of 15,000 euros against the Conde' Nast publishing group, one of whose magazines claimed Falchi's lips had been surgically enhanced.

Falchi, who has been in the headlines recently for standing staunchly by hubbie Stefano Ricucci after his fall from grace in a financial scandal, had asked the court for 500,000 Euro, to be given to charity. The TV star, 34, has more than once been forced to deny having a lip job.

Admirers believe the former model's full and fleshy kisser comes from her Finnish mother. Falchi has been one of Italy's most popular TV personality over the last ten years.