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so happy to be in jail

Italian News - July 5

An Italian man escaped from house arrest and begged police to put him in jail because he could not bear living with his grandfather, his lawyer said Monday. The 30-year old, who could only be identified by his initials A.M., had been placed under house arrest for six months in the Sardinian town of Sassari after a scuffle with a policeman. But he escaped, and Sunday showed up at a police station in the northern city of Genoa, asking them to arrest him and put him in a cell.

"He said he could not face staying with his grandpa anymore," defense lawyer Pietro Bogliolo explained. The lawyer said he did not know what the problem between the two was. "It's probably irreconcilable differences". A Genoa court however ruled Monday that A.M. should return to his grandfather's house and spend an additional two months and 20 days there because of his escape.