The Italian Almanac

Frecce Tricolori

Italian News - July 10

The Italian Air force's famed Frecce Tricolore (Tri-color Arrows) acrobatic team will welcome back World Cup champions Italy streaking the sky with the green, white and red of the Italian flag. The Italy squad are set land outside the Italian capital at around 5:30pm Monday and as then plane touches down the Tricolore will fill the sky with the Italy colors in a new acrobatic maneuver.

The initiative was announced by Air Force Chief of Staff General Leonardo Tricario who said the new acrobatic feat the Frecce will perform in will be called: Berlin 2006. "The national acrobatic squad has been preparing this new maneuver for some time but until now we did not have a name for it. Today no one had any doubts about dedicating the new maneuver, the result of hours of training, to the Italy squad and naming it Berlin 2006," the general said.

"In the future this maneuver will be another way to recall, during every air exhibitions in Italy and around the world, the important soccer feat achieved by the Azzurri".