The Italian Almanac

Domus Magazine

Italian News - July 6

Domus, arguably the world's top design-and-architecture publication, is spreading its influence eastwards with a plush new Chinese edition. "Domus' arrival in China is confirmation of the magazine's historic and current mission to be a beacon for creativity around the world," said editor Stefano Boeri.

The Chinese version of the ground-breaking Milan-based monthly, entitled Domus-China, will be distributed in mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. News and features about the international design-and-architecture scene will be produced in Milan and translated into Chinese, while articles focusing specifically on Asia will be handled by a team in Beijing.

The magazine was founded in 1928 by Gio Ponti, who is considered the 'father' of modern Italian design. It provided a showcase for upcoming architects, artists and designers - something which was a major innovation at the time. Ponti discovered many talents and used his publication to set them on the path to international fame and fortune.

These include Carlo Mollino, one of Italy's top post-war designers, and British architect Richard Rogers, the creator of, among other things, the Millennium Dome and the Pompidou Centre. Over the years Domus has also featured international names on its covers like great Swiss-German painter Paul Klee, his designer compatriot Le Corbusier, Austrian architect and designer Herbert Bayer, America's Charles Eames and Italian artist Lucio Fontana.

Many experts claim the magazine was a major influence on Italian visual culture, and on architecture and design worldwide and was the most important journal of its kind. They attribute Domus' ongoing success to the fact that it is finely attuned to the latest developments in the field and frequently ahead of its time, making it a reference point for those out to get close to the cutting edge.

The new monthly replaces a twice-yearly edition of Domus, which was published in Chinese with the highlights of the six previous issues of the international edition. Domus is read in 104 countries around the world.