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Italian News - July 17

Italian discotheques and police launched a scheme to boost road safety among disco-goers - by offering them free entry if they use a designated driver. Under the scheme, which lasts until the end of August, disco-goers get an alcohol test kit for the non-drinker who agrees to drive them safely home. If he's found to be below the limit, police give the whole group a free ticket for the following weekend.

"Drink-driving is becoming an increasing problem and we've seen the age at which they start getting lower and lower," said scheme chief Antonio Gianella of the highway police. "What's more, the average amount of alcohol found in the bloodstream is now more than twice the legal limit".

The association of disco owners and managers, SILB, said it was delighted with the scheme which "is in line with our philosophy of combining safety with good times". The discos involved are among the trendiest in Italy, including Gotha at Rimini, Prince at Riccione, King's at Porto Ercole in Tuscany, Sopravento at the Sardinian resort of Porto Cervo, Jesolo's Muretto nightspot and the Vanilla Club, and Chemina' at San Felice Circeo south of Rome.