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Italian News - January 29

A novel published free on the internet has become a surprise hit in Italy, downloaded by thousands of young people who identify with the main character struggling to survive on a monthly salary of 1,000 Euro. It tells the story of Claudio, a 27-year-old university graduate who works as an account manager at a multinational firm in Milan that makes gadgets for mobile phones, and tries to have a happy life despite being constantly broke and unsure about the future.

Striking a chord with a whole generation of Italians who are in a similar situation, the book is called Generazione 1000 Euro and has been written by two young journalists, Antonio Incorvaia and Alessandro Rimassa. Both in their thirties, they claim Claudio represents millions of young people, not just in Italy but all over Europe, who feel that they are 'unseen and undervalued'.

The men based the book on their own experiences and those of their friends and say that despite the economic difficulties facing their generation, the under-35s are not willing to give up the good things in life. Although financially restricted, they still enjoy parties, travelling and going out with their friends. They have found ways to make the best of what they have by living low-cost lives.