The Italian Almanac

Giulio Tremonti

Italian News - January 18

Italian Economy Minister Giulio Tremonti warned on Monday that over-legislating risks turning the European Union into a type of "soft dictatorship." In an address to the academy of Italian tax police, Tremonti said good laws were an investment for the 25-nation bloc whereas unnecessary legislation spawned by "elitist" bureaucrats were causing increasing disenchantment among EU citizens.

The minister said the EU's zealous bureaucrats "want to map out people's lives" with their "pervasive, obsessive and analytical ideologies." He said their ideas were unconnected with real life problems but were based on a quest to plan "not only a perfect market but also a perfect society." "This is the final sort of totalitarianism ...a soft totalitarianism but such nevertheless."

The latest figures released by the the European Commission's polling agency Eurobarometer showed a growing public disinterest in the EU's institutions, Tremonti said in support of his claim.