The Italian Almanac

January 20006


Italian News - January 31

A Milanese industrial consultant, who packed in 
his highly paid job for a rural life, is now on 
a crusade to save Sardinia's  dwindling  donkey 
population from extinction.

Italian News - January 31

Mr Dario Fo, Nobel Prize-winning author, after
years  of  deriding politicians for their lack
of integrity,  is  now  fighting  to  become a
candidate for the Left.

Italian News - January 31

Italian voters were  facing  that  conundrum
after the prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi,
promised to  be chaste  until  the country's
general election.

Italian News - January 29

A novel published free on the internet has
become a surprise hit in Italy, downloaded
by thousands of young people who  identify
with the main character.

Italian News - January 29

The Italian army will be out in force  when  the
Turin Winter Olympics begin next month, not just
providing security but also tending  ski  slopes
and manning first aid stations.

Italian News - January 28

The Chamber of Deputies has approved a law on
legitimate  defense that makes provision  for
armed response by citizens in their own homes
defending their lives or property.

Italian Science - January 28

Italy has made a major step forward  in  transplants
by showing that elderly donors can be used much more
than in the past. Doctors will now be able  to  tell
whether organs from the over-60s can be used.

Italian News / Movies - January 27

Italy is to make  a  film about its only  world
heavyweight boxing champ,  giant 1930s  slugger
Primo Carnera. The film is part of celebrations
for the 100th anniversary of Carnera's birth.

Italian Sport - January 27

Italy coach  Pierre Berbizier  has set his  sights
on the modest target of one victory in this year's
Six Nations  tournament.  "For us the objective is
to play every match at 100 per cent."

Italian News - January 26

Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise and Peter O'Toole could 
take roles as Venetian glass craftsmen in  an 
American  movie to  be  filmed in the  famous 
lagoon city at the end of the spring.

Italian News - January 26

The Xpression gang's  works are of such  quality 
that, rather than sending police to arrest them, 
local authorities are queuing up  to  commission 
their stuff. 

Italian News - January 26

Italy's cold snap bit deeper on Wednesday  as
ice gripped the Italian boot from top to  toe
and snow fell as far south as Sicily. Icicles
hung from historic statues in art cities.

Italian News - January 25

Three Italian maestros  whipped up a  dazzling
combination of traditional cones, sorbets, ice
cakes,  and artistic  creations to beat  teams
from France and Argentina. 

Italian News / Europe - January 25

A  European  military police force has  been
launched in Italy.  It  will  be made up  of
military police  from five EU countries  and
will be available for peacekeeping missions.

Italian News - January 24

The two-wheel 'Segway' vehicles, which are self
balancing and can reach speeds of 20 km/h, came
into use in recent days in 15 big-city  railway
stations up and down the country.

Italian News - January 24

Italian adventurer Stefano Miglietti is expected
to arrive at the Siwa oasis in Egypt at the  end
of an unprecedented 550-km walk  across the  one
of the world's most arid deserts.

Italian Science - January 24

Italy has made the world's fastest nanomotor. The
engine  is  a  million times faster than the only
other eco-friendly nanomotor,  recently built  in
the Netherlands.

Italian News - January 23

A perfect cup of coffee can now be guaranteed,
without having to rely on one's own  sense  of
taste and smell.  That's good news  especially
to coffee drinkers in Italy,

Italian News - January 23

A row has broken out in Rome about whether the
speeches and writings of Pope Benedict  should
be freely available to everyone or subject  to

Italian News - January 22

The licensing application to Michele Malfatti,
mayor of the small town of  Mignanego  in  the
Genoese hinterland,  was  for an  “alternative
ARCI recreational centre”.

Italian News - January 22

The island of Lipari, in an archipelago north  of
Sicily,  has always appealed to its  mostly  well
heeled summer visitors because it's hard to reach
and therefore remains a secluded paradise.

Italian News - January 20

For people who can never find a  church  when
they need one, a company currently displaying
its wares in the  northern city  of  Piacenza
may have the answer.

Italian News / Europe - January 20

France  has  consolidated  its longstanding
passion for Italian actress Monica Bellucci
by awarding her one of its top honours  for
art and literature.

Italian News - January 19

The  Alfa Romeo Brera  picked up  the  Most
Beautiful Car  of  the  Year award  at  the
International Automobile Festival in Paris.
The prize was given out Tuesday night.

Italian Movies - January 19

A series of screenings provided an illustrious
showcase  for  contemporary  Italian cinema at
New York's  Museum  of  Modern  Art  (MoMA) on

Italian News - January 18

Over two thirds of Italian Catholics are in 
favour  of legal recognition for  unmarried 
couples, including same-sex unions, despite 
Benedict XVI's clear disapproval.

Italian News - January 18

Italian Economy Minister Giulio Tremonti warned 
on  Monday that over-legislating risks  turning 
the   European  Union  into  a  type  of  "soft 

Italian Science - January 18

Italian scientists report a  possible  solution
to a major problem plaguing researchers working
on gene therapy for muscular dystrophy:  how to
get the right gene to the right place.

Italian News - January 17

Thinking of buying a TV for the bedroom? Think again,
it could ruin your sex life.  A study has found  that
couples who  have a TV set in their bedroom  have sex
half as often as those who don't.

Italian News / Fashion - January 17

Pop singer Victoria Beckham, the wife of England
soccer star David Beckham, had her first  outing
as a fashion model on Monday, pacing the catwalk
at a Robert Cavalli show in Milan.

Italian News - January 16

Communications Minister Mario Landolfi moved
to  calm  a  bitter dispute  over  soccer TV
revenues that threatens to disrupt the Serie
A championship.

Italian Science - January 16

A hormone used in weight-loss drugs plays a
vital role  in blocking the development  of
multiple sclerosis (MS),  a team of Italian
researchers has discovered.

Italian News - January 15

Tens of thousands of women have marched  through 
the Italian city of Milan to defend their rights 
to have legal abortions against changes proposed 
by Vatican-backed Catholic politicians.

Italian News - January 15

The Vatican,  citadel of secrets and intrigue,
has thrown up another little mystery: what has
Pope Benedict  been doing on a spate of  night
time missions to his old cardinal lodgings?

Italian News - January 13

An Italian manager who tried to kiss a woman on  the
lips on Valentine’s Day has lost his job, been given
a 14-month suspended jail sentence  and fined  after
being convicted of “sexual violence”.

Italian News - January 13

Beretta's new outlet is the third in Europe  to
spotlight  its  range of  hunting  and  leisure
couture and accessories, after similar flagship
stores on the Champs Elysees and in Milan.

Italian News - January 12

Most Italians feel more guilty about  overeating
than  they do  about cheating on their partners.
People in Casanova's native land care more about
staying slim than staying faithful.

Italian Sport - January 12

Tributes have been pouring in for Alessandro 
Del Piero,  after he  became Juventus's  all 
time top-scorer Tuesday with a  Coppa Italia 
hat-trick against Fiorentina.

Italian News - January 12

The Olympic flame touring Italy prior to the
Winter Olympics may inflame some hearts, but
chess  players  can't  wait  for that  other
Olympiad, starting in May 2006 in Turin.

Italian News - January 11

Police on Tuesday nabbed what appeared to be
a crazed motorcyclist terrorising  residents
and tourists in Venice by racing through the
lagoon city's historic center.

Italian News / Sport - January 11

Italian skiing ace Isolde Kostner is  quitting
the  sport on the eve  of the  Winter Olympics
because she is pregnant. Despite a recent drop
in form she was one of Italy's prime hopes.

Italian News - January 11

A  university lecturer sacked for  secretly
filming sessions with students has told all
in his first book.  Ezio Capizzano,  dubbed
'the porno prof' gives lavish details.

Italian News - January 10

Ferrari announces the production of the most 
powerful  coupe' it  has  ever  offered  the 
consumer.  Plans for the 599GTB V12 will  be 
illustrated at the Detroit Motor Show.

Italian Sport - January 10

Italy will play the Tigers in an exhibition
game  in  Lakeland,  Fla.,  on  March 4  in
preparation for the World Baseball Classic,
the Italian baseball federation said.

Italian Art - January 10

Not as famous as contemporary pioneers such 
as Cimabue and Giotto, experts say  Arnolfo 
played a key role in dragging Europe out of 
the cultural darkness of the Middle Ages.

Italian News - January 9

The Vatican has warned Britain that it 
risks violating a treaty by moving its 
Embassy  to the  Holy See to  premises 
within the British Embassy to Italy.             

Italian News - January 9

This  looks  like the year  when sales  of 
locally grown quality foods will take off. 
Thanks  to a new law,  local  specialities 
must have their space on supermarkets.

Italian News - January 7

Turin is to uncover the world's oldest 
surviving map as part of the rich list
of cultural events accompanying Winter 

Italian Science - January 7

The  Milan  researchers  have found a  gene 
responsible  for  threatening the lives  of 
patients with 'good leukemia', that usually 
responds well to treatment.

Italian News - January 6

The recent release of The Chronicles of 
Narnia, based on a 1950 children's book 
by CS Lewis, has given the town and its 
picturesque streets fresh appeal.             

Italian News - January 6

Italian  adventurist  Angelo D'Arrigo  will 
attempt  this week to break the  world hang
gliding  record  for  altitude,   which  he 
himself set two years ago in the Himalayas.

Italian News - January 6

Italian kids hunted out stockings ahead of 
the Epiphany holiday which brings a  final 
round  of gifts for children  and the  new
that seasonal festivities are over.            

Italian News - January 5

The  Italian  partisan  who  captured  dictator 
Benito Mussolini  at the end of WWII has  died. 
Urbano Lazzaro, whose 'nom de guerre' was Bill, 
died Tuesday night in a Vercelli hospital.

Italian News - January 5

Italy plans to build a large telescope  on 
the moon that will expand knowledge of the 
Earth and the universe. The telescope will 
be built by robots in a lunar crater.            

Italian News - January 4

Actor  Roberto Benigni,  architect  Renzo Piano 
and  film  star  Monica Bellucci  are the three 
Italians most often mentioned in positive terms 
in foreign media.

Italian News - January 4

The hardship rural America  suffered  in 
the  Great Depression  is  currently  on 
show in Rome with an exhibition of shots 
by US photographer Walker Evans.            

Italian News / Sport - January 4

Troubled Italian soccer talent Antonio Cassano 
flew to Spain to sign  for nine-time  European 
champion Real Madrid. The move has been at the 
centre of speculation for some time.

Italian News - January 3

In the town of Viterbo, north of Rome, an 
Italian  judge has  ordered a  priest  to 
appear in court  this month to prove that 
Jesus Christ existed.            

Italian News - January 3

Between Christmas and New Year Italians consumed 
over 100 million pandori and panettone Christmas 
cakes,  20,000 tonnes of pasta and  8,000 tonnes  
of cold cuts, cheeses, meats and sweets.

Italian Art - January 2

Pre-Renaissance master Gentile da Fabriano is 
to be celebrated by his home town in the east 
central Marche region with the show  'Gentile 
da Fabriano And The Other Renaissance'.          

Italian News / Sport - January 2

Daniele Veggiato, a forward for the top hockey 
league's  Alleghe team,  was banned from  "all 
future activities of the national teams" after 
a match against Cortina.

Italian News - January 1

In total, the forest guards have examined and 
recorded  22,000  trees  across  the country, 
singling out  1,235  as being of  "particular 
environmental and cultural interest".          

Italian News - January 1

Garments worn by cinema  greats  Charlton Heston, 
Elizabeth  Taylor  and  Richard  Burton  are  the 
highlights of a new show delving into the history 
of costume design.

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