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Brad Pitt

Italian News - January 26

Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise and Peter O'Toole could take roles as Venetian glass craftsmen in an American movie to be filmed in the famous lagoon city at the end of the spring. "Cruise, Pitt and O'Toole are among the actors being considered for the leading roles," said Italian actor Angelo Infanti, who already has a part in the film.

The US-produced film, called 'The Man Who Invented the Mirror', will be directed by Italy's Carlo Carlei, who is famous in his native country for a 2003 film about Enzo Ferrari, the founder of the sportscar company. Virtually nothing is known about the film's plot, although 66-year-old Infanti, who had small roles in the Godfather films, said it told a "fascinating story".

Venice has been famous for centuries for its glass craftsmen and, in particular, its glassblowers, who have traditionally had workshops on the island of Murano. This meant it was harder for artisans from elsewhere to steal their secrets and techniques. During the 15th century Venetian craftsman invented the first clear glass, called 'cristallo'.