The Italian Almanac

Ezio Capizzano

Italian News - January 11

A university lecturer sacked for secretly filming sex sessions with students has told all in his first book. Law professor Ezio Capizzano, dubbed 'the porno prof' by the Italian media, gives lavish details of his amorous encounters in the book, which he has called The Last Baron In A Campus of Tulips. In Italian, 'barone' means a tenured professor with a lot of clout.

The book, which looks set for the best-seller lists, also contains excerpts of letters from students as well as Capizzano's musings on philosophy and religion. The lecturer in agrarian and commercial law lost his job in this small Marche town after his sex videos found their way onto newsstands, sparking a nationwide scandal.

Despite the apparent evidence against him, Capizzano was cleared in June 2004 of obtaining sexual favors in exchange for boosting grades. "I'd do it all again," he said after the judgement came down. "But maybe not in the same place, and selecting the girls more carefully."