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Laura Pausini

Italian News / music - February 10

Laura Pausini was feted by the Italian pop world on Thursday after she became the first Italian woman to win a music industry 'Oscar'. The Italian pop princess, who picked up this year's Grammy award for best Latin pop album, received dozens of messages of congratulation from fellow singers and performers back home.

Pausini, 31, who has a huge following in Latin America, won her Grammy for 'Escucha', the Spanish-language version of her latest album, Resta In Ascolto (Keep Listening). "This is the biggest joy of my life," she said after receiving the award in Los Angeles on Wednesday evening and then weeping for 10 minutes.

The only other Italian singer to ever win a Grammy was the legendary Domenico Modugno, with his 1958 classic 'Nel blu dipinto di blu', which contains the famous refrain 'Volare...Oh oh oh oh!" Along with Eros Ramazzotti and Zucchero, Pausini is one of Italy's few pop stars with an international following.

Pausini exploded onto the Italian music scene in 1993 when, at the age of 18, she was the surprise winner of the prestigious Sanremo music festival. Since then she has picked up an array of awards and last year featured on an album of duets with late soul legend Ray Charles. But the Grammy is undoubtedly her highest accolade yet.