The Italian Almanac

ready to relocate

Italian News - February 26

Until a couple of decades ago, Italy was the place where young people all around the world dreamed of living. Now twenty years on, Italy has not merely lost its allure as a holiday destination: it no longs appeals to its own citizens. According to a Eurispes survey, about 37% of Italians would move to another country if they could.

The figures for young people are particularly worrying. Almost 55% of respondents aged 18-24 years said they would be happy to live abroad. The figures for Italians a few years older are lower, but just as alarming. More than half of respondents aged 25-34 said they would prefer to live in another country. Degree-holders are equally convinced. A majority (55.2%) of university graduates said they would opt to live in a foreign country.

Men are more inclined to move than women, with 43.4% of males and 32.6% of females thinking that foreign climes are more attractive than Italy. The answers are broken down by region. Many people in the North-east (40.9%) and South (39.3%) claim they no longer want to live in their native land while the Italians most attached to their roots are those living in Sicily and Sardinia, where only 34.4% expressed a wish to relocate.

What countries appeal most to Italians? The most popular destination for Italians with itchy feet is Spain (14.2%), followed by France (12%) and Britain (9%). One of the main reasons for this desire to relocate is the desire for a job that is more suited to individual skills and also better-paid (25.7%). Some 14.2% of respondents indicated the “cultural liveliness” of other countries as the main reason while 13.1% stressed “greater opportunities for the children”.