The Italian Almanac

Helmut Newton

Italian News / Art - February 22

The glamorous body shots and striking landscapes of fashion photographer Helmut Newton will shortly open in Milan's Palazzo Reale. The 90 large-scale images, selected by the late photographer's widow, June Browne, feature a series of Newton's legendary explorations of the female form, as well as lesser-known travel and landscape studies.

Initially a fashion photographer, Newton combined this aspect of his work with portraiture, nudes and fantasy, imbuing his images with an eroticism that has won him both criticism and praise. The Milanese show includes some of his tougher pictures, drawing more heavily on fetishism and sadomasochism than the rest of his mainstream work.

Newton considered himself a working photographer rather than an artist, as his widow recently pointed out while discussing the new show. "He would never describe himself as an artist. He preferred to think of himself as a mercenary, hiring out his talent to the highest bidder," she explained. Yet the landscape and travel imagery has won him great critical acclaim since the exhibit started touring a few years ago.

The show opens in Milan's Palazzo Reale on February 23 and runs until June 4.