The Italian Almanac

Laura Pausini

Italian Music - February 2

Italian pop princess Laura Pausini has made history by being nominated for one of this year's prestigious Grammy music awards. But she is unsatisfied with being the first ever female nominee in the Best Latin Pop Album category. She believes she has a strong chance of actually winning the gilt gramophone trophy.

"I'm going to the Grammys to win. I don't usually say this but this time I am, because this is my intention," said Pausini, who has a huge following in Latin America. The 2006 Grammys, considered the Oscars of the music industry, will be awarded at a sparkling ceremony in Los Angeles on February 8.

Pausini, 31, has already ordered a new dress from her favourite designer, Giorgio Armani, and has asked for it to be in the Italian colours of red, white and green. If she were to win her category, she would be following in the footsteps of Latin greats such as Josť Feliciano, Ricky Martin and Enrique Iglesias.

The only Italian to ever win a Grammy was the legendary Domenico Modugno, with his 1958 classic 'Nel blu dipinto di blu' which contains the famous refrain 'Volare...Oh oh oh oh!" Pausini said she was excited about her opportunity to fly the Italian flag in the world of pop music.

Along with Eros Ramazzotti and Zucchero, Pausini is one of Italy's few pop stars with an international following.