The Italian Almanac

pole dance

Italian News - December 5

A young woman in Milan, Italy, is putting a new spin on underground train panhandling by performing pole dances on late-night trains.

The young woman, armed with a portable stereo and dressed in a black latex girdle, fishnet stockings, black boots and cloth cat ears, has been sighted doing her dance routine using grab handles and vertical poles from the trains as props. After her dance, the woman takes donations from passengers and leaves the train.

"She was very good looking and she had cat's ears made of cloth," wrote Italian journalist Michela Proietti, who witnessed the dance, in the country's Corriere Della Sera newspaper. "All the passengers seemed to enjoy the show. It was not at all vulgar - everyone was smiling and laughing".

Proietti said that since the article ran, she has received numerous e-mail messages from readers detailing sightings of the train dancer.