The Italian Almanac

a sketch by Federico Fellini

Italian News - December 13

The dreams that shaped Italian movie great Federico Fellini's masterpieces will be presented for the first time at the second edition of Rome's Film Festival next year. Mario Sesti, a member of the Fellini Foundation and one of the directors of the new Rome fest, said the Foundation had managed to acquire the two books of dream sketches for an undisclosed sum. He said the Foundation will probably make copies of the doodles and larger drawings which the great director made every morning, "so that the two books are not torn apart".

Fellini, a former cartoonist whose visually striking masterpieces typically combine memory, dream and fantasy,once dismissed the sketches as "ugly strokes - hurried and ungrammatical notes". But Sesti says the 400 drawings are "brightly coloured, fully formed and often quite explicit". He said many highlighted the erotic and playful side that ran through Fellini's screen work. Enthusiastic movie buffs hope the books will show, for the first time, the germs of a great film-maker's creations.

Only about twenty of the drawings have been seen before so the array of dreams - 400 in all - could prove one of the biggest attractions at next year's Rome fest. Fellini, the maker of classics like La Dolce Vita, Eight and a Half and Amarcord, started drawing his dreams after meeting a Junghian psychoanalyst in 1960. He kept up the habit until 1990, three years before his death.