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Italian News - December 6

A new exhibition in Rovereto enables visitors to discover the secrets of revolutionary car designs of the past and take a peek at the motoring of the future. The show, entitled Mitomacchina (legendary cars), runs at the Rovereto and Trento Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MART) until May 1.

It features a splendid array of classic cars dating back to one of the first petrol-powered automobiles - an 1886 model made by German inventor Karl Benz - which trace the whole history of motor design. Some of these historic vehicles have never been on public show before. Organizers say the aim is to appeal to enthusiasts and the general public, by focusing both on the cars' technical lowdown and on the role these revolutionary models have played in society.

Naturally, the exhibition finds plenty of space for great Italian sport cars, like the Maserati, Lamborghini, Ferrari, the elegant Bugattis of the 1920s and 30s and the designers who made them. The exhibition looks at the Italian people's legendary passion for motoring too, including their long-standing, deep attachment to the Ferrari Formula One race team. To top things off, a series of prototypes will give visitors some clues about the shape of cars to come in the 21st century.