The Italian Almanac

crowded beach

Italian News - August 23

Enthusiasts have tried to organise 10,000 people to dip simultaneously in the sea on the beaches near Viareggio in an attempt to beat the record for longest and most numerous sea bathings to enter the Guinness Book of Records. The initiative, promoted by the consortium Consorzio Marina di Levante from Viareggio, saw the participation of many people at 14 sites with the bathers arranged in two lines for some two kilometres along the beach, from Teresa to Rossella.

All were holding cards distributed by the organisers saying Get up, dip and we beat the record. A starter boat in the sea set off the world record attempt at 1630 yesterday afternoon and ten thousand people dipped in the sea filmed by TV cameras and photographers. The images taken will be sent to the U.S. headquarters of the Guinness World Records which will examine them to ascertain whether the attempt has been correctly made. This is the reason why there was a notary on the beach.

Waiting to learn whether it really was a record sea bathing, the organisers said they were satisfied with the high turnout at the event.