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fantasies about teachers

Italian News - August 31

Italian parents are up in arms about a teacher who seeks no-holds-barred sex on her website. The school's switchboard has been jumping with irate calls since authorities backed down on a pledge to transfer the so-called 'Porno Prof'. The 30-year-old literature teacher, who goes under the web name 'Isabella la Porcona' (Filthy Isabella), insists she should only be judged on her teaching ability.

'Isabella' first made headlines four years ago when pupils posted stills of her website in school toilets. She sued for defamation, claiming not to be the masked woman depicted - but a judge soon saw through her disguise. Convicted of feigning innocence, she got a five-month suspended sentence and a 4,000-euro fine.

The affair prompted a teaching board to transfer her to her present school, but parents soon got wise to the new appointment. "We don't want our kids taught by a woman they might - God forbid - come across on the Internet in such a guise," a parent's representative said.

Her lawyer, Sergio Gerin, said that "judgements on my client's personal activities can't affect her professional standing. No one has been able to question her skills and conduct at school. We'll take this to a workers' rights tribunal, if we have to".