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diet frenzy

Italian News - August 28

Dieters struggling fruitlessly to lose weight may soon be able to knock back a chemical cocktail that will help them fight body fat, according to a team of Italian researchers. Scientists at Lecce University in southeast Italy have developed a new combination of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) and nutrients that could prove the answers to dieters' prayers.

A study published in the international science monthly, the Journal of Lipid Research, found that the additional nutrients altered the way CLA acts, making it a far more effective weight-loss complex than previously thought. "CLA has recently been introduced onto both the national and international market and has proved very promising in terms of ensuring a good physical figure," said the scientists, headed by Professor Vincenzo Zara.

However, the new cocktail is expected to make CLA even more effective, as well as addressing some lingering concerns over possible side-effects. Initial tests have been highly successful and in-depth studies are now being carried out to assess the impact of the complex at a molecular level.

CLA is a particularly attractive option as extensive research has demonstrated that although it reduces fat, particularly in the abdominal area, it has no impact on muscle. Some reports have even suggested it may contribute to muscle growth. Furthermore, although it is most effective if combined with an exercise regime, users of CLA are not required to restrict their diet in other ways.