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ancient tapestry

Italian News - April 7

Florence's Uffizi Gallery plans to mend the wealth of magnificent tapestries around that have fallen into disrepair. The new centre, expected to be located in the Boboli Gardens, will start with the worst of the 1,000 or so tapestries produced in Florence in the 16th and 17th centuries, when Medici looms produced wall hangings for the whole of Europe.

Florence art chief Antonio Paolucci unveiled the project at an exhibition of seven tapestries which are among the most splendid in the Uffizi's collection but are also in the most need of care. "We have selected certain tapestries to show off the rare beauty of these old fabrics but also their different levels of disrepair, caused by centuries of neglect. It's a sort of 'negative' exhibit in that the tapestries are waiting to be restored. But this small selection should be enough to give people a sense of the wealth of the collection and the complex problems linked to their conservation," he said.

The new centre, funded by Uffizi ticket sales, hopes to welcome tapestries from all over Italy. "We would like to see the countless tapestries hanging in institutions and embassies return for cleaning".