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Ferrari Superamerica

Italian News - April 15

A new exhibition opening today at the Galleria Ferrari celebrates the many stars of the entertainment world who own or have owned a model of the famed Italian sports car.

Show business and Ferrari have gone hand-in-hand ever since founder Enzo Ferrari began to sell his cars with the prancing horse emblem after World War II, to help finance his Grand Prix race team. However, he was openly suspicious of those who bought his dazzling creations because he was convinced they did it more for the prestige of owning one than for the car's performance and excellence.

The new exhibition at Galleria Ferrari, located between Ferrari headquarters and the nearby Fiorano race track, will include such items as a trumpet played by the late jazz legend Miles Davis, guitars owned by rockstar Eric Clapton, an Othello costume worn by tenor Placido Domingo and the first recording microphone used by Italian singer-song writer Lucio Dalla.

Also on display will be several of the Ferrari models owned by these entertainers including an Enzo Ferrari, a 250 California, a 275 GTB and many others. The Galleria Ferrari itself is a permanent museum for the full range of Ferrari sports cars as well as its Formula 1 Grand Prix and GT models.

The new exhibition, which runs until August 31, will also presen a collection of music videos in which Ferrari cars appear. These include Madonna's Material Girl, Robbie Williams' Supreme and Jamiroquai's Cosmic Girl.