The Italian Almanac


Italian News - April 14

Tourists were shunned by the resort island of Capri on Thursday as workers and inhabitants held a day-long protest 'strike' against cuts in the shuttle ferry service from Naples. The protest began at 8.30 am when some 60 fishing and tourist boats blockaded the island's main port of Marina Grande to prevent the first ferry from docking.

A number of trucks strategically placed near the pier prevented tourists from visiting the island, an exclusive vacation playground from the days of ancient Rome. By noon, the blockade of the port had succeeded in sending back to Naples a Caremar mega-ferry and at least eight hydrofoils. Two ferries arriving from Salerno also had to turn back with almost 200 tourists aboard.

The island's inhabitants - who thrive on tourism - object to a decision by ferry company Caremar to cancel a late evening shuttle service to Naples. Organisers said it was the first in a series of protest actions aimed at drawing attention to a number of pressing problems on the island, including upgrading service at the local hospital.