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old people having fun

Italian News - September 22

Most of Italy's old people don't see themselves as such, claiming that so-called 'old age' has little to do with how many years you have lived, according to a new survey. Italians over the age of 65 tend to agree, the survey shows, that they can only be really termed old when their health starts to fail and they become dependent on others. For this reason, the majority do what they can to keep fit and put off the day when infirmity sets in .

Rome-based socio-economic think-tank Censis interviewed over-65s in five Italian regions. The survey, carried out for the Pfizer pharmaceuticals multinational, asked questions about health, fears and happiness. The key discovery was that only a small minority of people aged 65 and over saw themselves as old. In the 75-79 age group 68.7% dismissed the idea and even among the over 80s, 47.7% said they hadn't got there yet.